Bubble Struggle 2 Unblocked Click here to play!
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The disturbing bubbles keep bouncing up! Play the Bubble Struggle 2 unblocked to explore more! The little man in Bubble Struggle 2 is on his duty to smash all the bubbles. Why don’t you jump into this funny game and help him complete the missions? Hurry up, guys! Similar to the previous version, your sole target is to destroy all the bouncing bubbles, using the spear as a weapon to smash them. Try to split the bubbles during given time to reach the next level. Don’t let your character hit any bubble, or else your game will end. Now, click to play the Bubble Struggle 2 Unblocked! Good luck!


1-player mode: Use arrow keys for the movement, tap spacebar to release the spear
2-player mode:
• For player 1: Use WASD to move, tap key Q to release the spear
For player 2: Use arrow keys for the movement, tap key number 0 to release the spear.


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