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BoxRob 2

User: Jessica Published: December 28, 2022 Category: Action

BoxRob 2 is still an interesting puzzle-themed unblocked game. Challenge yourself to play BoxRob 2 and complete the exciting levels the game has to offer.

About BoxRob 2

BoxRob 2

BoxRob 2 is a fun puzzle platform game. Your task in the game is to load the goods onto the truck with a forklift. So, move and solve in-game puzzles today!

Play BoxRob 2 online and collect all the boxes

Collecting boxes will mark you completing a level in BoxRob 2 unblocked. Then proceed to drop the boxes in the appropriate position.

BoxRob 2 unblocked offers tons of different levels of play

BoxRob 2 play online on browsers has some easy levels that you don’t have to spend too much effort to pass. Obviously, you just have to drive around to collect boxes in these levels.

Later on, this puzzle html5 game level will become more difficult. This is when you make moves in sequence to solve the fascinating puzzle in Box Rob 2 online for kids.

BoxRob 2 online allows you to play with friends to compare scores with each other. This obviously also increases the competition in the game. Therefore, this is really a great game for you and your friends to enjoy today.

How To Play

Use keyboard to play games:

  • A/D key: Move left/right.
  • W key: Jump.
  • Left mouse: Pick up the box.

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