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Big-Battle Tanks

User: Jessica Published: July 24, 2015 Category: Shooting

About Big-Battle Tanks

Hey, guys! Big – Battle Tanks is finally out and giving you a frantic challenge! Engage in this cool 2-Player game unblocked and flaunt your skills! Do know what it takes to touch the victory? Well, you are supposed to adjust the route and make an effort to kill all the enemy tanks before you get ruined. Winning the battle is not an easy thing at all! To do that, the attendants are required to perform their skills and prepare great tactics. So, hope you can make it to the end! Victory will be yours! Okay, let’s begin the battle tank now! Have fun!

How To Play

Aim and shoot with the mouse, left/right arrow keys to move, up/down arrow keys to adjust the angle of the turrets. Press key Q/E to change weapons

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