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Battle Simulator: Counter Stickman is a horror action game that is completely unblocked at school. Become a commander of a small troop and you are joining an unexpected fight against aggressive invaders. As a leader, you need to control your team strategically. It will be useful for you and the entire army to destroy the enemy and defend the home.

Play Battle Simulator: Counter Stickman free online on desktop or on mobile you also have to finish your mission quickly. Otherwise, you will lose. To attack the foes, you will choose and deploy armed stickmen available. They will automatically cause damage to the target. Just observe the whole map and send the right tactics! If you let the rival break into your land, it will be harder to stop their terrorist onslaught. Are you willing to lead the group and push back all opponents in the shortest time? Good luck!


Use the mouse button to send armed stickmen


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