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Battalion Commander 1917

User: Jessica Published: July 30, 2022 Category: Survival

Battalion Commander 1917 free online is for you to take part in the large scale military war. Let's show your shooting skills and leadership strategy to win.

About Battalion Commander 1917

Battalion Commander 1917

Battalion Commander 1917 unblocked is a shooting action game inspired by real wars. You must control the soldiers through the enemy territories and destroy them all.

The game context takes place during the first world war between opposing factions. You are the commander of a squad tasked with freeing allied soldiers and defeating the enemy. To do that, you will control your group of shooters across different regions and try to shoot the best you can.

Just move your mouse to navigate your squad wisely. Not only do you need to shoot well and accurately, but you also have to dodge bullets from enemies. Don’t miss the wooden oil barrels scattered across the map to create a big explosion. And you also need to rescue allies to bring them with your squad.

Play Battalion Commander 1917 With Skills When You Need Of Help
Play Battalion Commander 1917 With Skills When You Need Of Help

Your enemies in the action shooting game will grow stronger and stronger from groups of shooters to tanks, helicopters and more. So you have to upgrade your squad to conquer the enemy. Buy valuable upgrades and even unlock heavy tanks for an advantage! Victory or defeat depends on your skills and strategy.

The background of survival 2D is the plains and military bases of the countries. It highlights the small details and effects of shooting, explosions, bullets and more. So you will have the opportunity to enjoy the large-scale and epic battles beyond imagination.

Therefore, do not hesitate to try Battalion Commander 1917 if you love a war game. You can discover many weapons from guns to tanks, helicopters and more like in the real war of mankind. If you’re looking for a different game, try Squidly Escape unblocked.

How To Play

Navigate your squad by moving the mouse, left click to shoot

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